Upgrade Portworx using the Operator

If you’re using the Portworx Operator, you can upgrade or change your Portworx version at any time by modifying the StorageCluster spec.


  • You must already be running the Portworx through Operator, this method will not work for other Portworx deployments

Upgrade Portworx

  1. Enter the oc edit command to modify your storage cluster:

      oc edit -n kube-system <storagecluster_name>
  2. Change the spec.image value to the version you want to update Portworx to:

      apiVersion: core.libopenstorage.org/v1alpha1
      kind: StorageCluster
        name: portworx
        namespace: kube-system
        image: portworx/oci-monitor:<your_desired_version>

Last edited: Wednesday, Apr 8, 2020