Set up a Cluster Admin namespace for Kubemotion

By default, you can only migrate namespaces in which the Migration object is created. This is to prevent any user from migrating namespaces for which they do not have access. You can also designate one namespace as an admin namespace. This will allow an admin who has access to that namespace to migrate any namespace from the source cluster.

This requires passing in an additional parameter to the stork deployment with the admin namespace.

Run the following command to edit the stork deployment:

kubectl edit deployment -n kube-system stork

If admin-namespace is your admin namespace, in the editor, update the arguments to the stork container to specify the cluster admin namespace using the --migration-admin-namespace parameter:

      - command:
        - /stork
        - --driver=pxd
        - --verbose
        - --leader-elect=true
        - --migration-admin-namespace=admin-namespace

Save the changes and wait for all the stork pods to be in running state after applying the changes:

kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l name=stork

Last edited: Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019